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Welcome to another “what I’m loving”, everyone! I hope you’re having a great beginning of the year. Here we are, in another lockdown, hoping for this to be the last one… The vaccination is going strong so hopefully, we’ll see better days soon. Above all, I hope you and your loved ones are safe!

I’m slowly coming out of my January slump, and ready to get back to my healthy habits and normal productivity. I don’t know if you feel the same, but after the holidays and putting my routines aside for a few days, I find it a little bit harder to get back on track. It’s normal to think that, with a new year ahead, we should feel all fresh and ready for the new things to come but it’s normal that we don’t always feel that way… We have to get back to work, and it’s cold, and we begin to wish that winter will pass quickly, and on top of that, we also have this whole corona situation. But oh well… I really believe that part of our mood is a choice, so let’s make an effort to make the most out of the rest of this month. Or slow down and take some time to rest, if that’s what our body asks for!

And without further ado, let’s focus on the positive side and dive into this week’s “what I’m loving”! Hope you enjoy it ✌🏼


Guess what… Of course, I’m watching Bridgerton! I’m actually one episode away from finishing the series, and I’m loving it so much I don’t want it to end. You’ll be amazed by the decor, wardrobe, and glamorous yet tasteful maximalism that feels like a breath of fresh air in today’s minimalism. I love me a good both interesting and visually-rich production, and Bridgerton is all that, is it not?


Currently reading…

I’ve just finished reading Steal Like an Artist and this one is going to be one to re-read time and time again. It’s a super easy-to-read book full of inspiring quotes perfect for creatives. And now on my to-read list: The Handmaid’s Tale and Little Women. But haven’t started any of them yet.

While I don’t start a new book, I’m diving deep into these posts:
How I Became a Women that Supports Other Women from Camille Styles
A Look Into the Gentrification of Thrifting from Wit and Delight
8 Ways to Brighten Someone’s Day in a Pandemic from Wit and Delight
An Approachable Guide To Creating A Minimalist Wardrobe from The Good Trade

Currently wearing..

Comfy clothing, and nothing else!

Speaking of fashion…

In an attempt to shop more ethically and consciously, Good On You is now my go-to website to find how ethical a fashion brand is and to find other nice and conscious brands to buy from. Not that I’m any example in this field, but I truly believe that we have to start somewhere, and even if you swap 20% of your purchases from one not so ethical brand to an ethical and conscious brand, you’re already making progress. Of course, buying is still buying, and we should make an effort to buy less, reuse, upcycle or buy in second hand to reduce our ecological footprint. But when we really need to buy something, we could make an effort to buy from brands that care about people, animals, and the environment.

Currently watching…

There are lots of great YouTube channels, but this one my loves – is a piece of art. Everything Jonna Jinton creates is otherworldly. She is a Swedish artist that moved into the middle of the woods of northern Sweden. On her YouTube channel, she shares the most beautiful glimpses of her life in the woods, just like a northern fairy, her art, and tributes to her Swedish roots. It’s so worth checking!

Home inspiration – not so minimalistic…

What I’m eating…

I’ve been doing these Breakfast Banana Cookies on loop as they’re so easy to make, so delicious, and perfect to have with a latte for breakfast. And speaking of lattes – this Everyday Gingerbread Latte has been a staple in my kitchen, as it’s so flavorful and so easy to prepare.

easy-vegan-healthy-banana-chocolate-chip-breakfast-cookies - 8
Easiest Banana Choc Chips Breakfast Cookies
Everyday Gingerbread Latte
Harvest Stuffed Balsamic Butternut Squash

Thank you for joining me on this “what I’m loving”, and I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any things you’re loving that you’d like to share with us, please do so in the comments below! Don’t forget to join our community on InstagramFacebook and, YouTube! Hope you have a relaxed weekend and an amazing year.

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