Mediterranean Roasted Tofu and Veggies Nourish Bowls


Prep these Crispy Roasted Tofu and Veggies Bowls in a hurry, for a very lazy and vegan but delicious dinner. If you’re more of a visual person, here’s the video for this recipe!

They’re easy to make (it won’t take more than 10 minutes – prep time), nutritious, vegan, delicious and will keep you full for hours. You just have to prep and season the tofu and veggies, pop them in the oven for 35 to 45 minutes and prep the easy-peasy sauce. Assemble the bowls and you’re good to go! Nourishing and delicious.

Roasted Crispy Tofu and Veggies Bowl - Nourish Bowl de Tofu Crocante e Vegetais Assados Vegan e Saudável

Ingredients to make these Roasted Tofu and Veggies Nourish Bowls:

Tofu – firm to extra firm.
Veggies of your preference – I love to use sweet potatoes or small white potatoes, carrots and beet, pepper and carrot frozen mix, but broccoli, zucchini, Brussel sprouts, or cherry tomatoes (cooked for less time).
Herbs and spices – use lots of herbs and spices, and when I mean a lot, I mean a lot… You want the tofu and veggies to really be packed with flavour. I also try to vary the types of seasonings between the veggies, so that everything doesn’t end up tasting like the same. Use ground garlic and onion, ground pepper, rosemary, paprika, salt, cumin and chilli flakes…
Balsamic vinegar – I love the slight tanginess the vinegar adds to the veggies.
Liquid smoke – Liquid smoke is a natural product made from condensing the smoke from burning wood. You can brush foods like tofu, tempeh or veggies with liquid smoke to give them a smoky flavour, that resembles the smokiness you find in bacon, for example. A few drops go a long way and will add tons of flavour to your foods.
Green leaves, some quinoa, avocado, seeds and fresh parsley.
Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette – which recipe you can find in more detail right here.

Roasted Crispy Tofu and Veggies Bowl - Nourish Bowl de Tofu Crocante e Vegetais Assados Vegan e Saudável

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Crispy Roasted Tofu and Veggies Nourish Bowl

Prep these Crispy Roasted Tofu and Veggies Bowls in a hurry, for a very lazy and vegan but delicious dinner.
Servings 2
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Optional – pressing time 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 25 minutes


Roasted tofu

  • 1 pressed tofu block firm to extra-firm
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp rosemary
  • 1 tbsp paprika
  • Pepper to taste
  • Half tsp ground cumin
  • Half tsp dried garlic
  • Half tsp dried onion
  • Half tsp liquid smoke
  • Half tsp chilli flakes
  • 1 tbsp olive oil

Roasted veggies

  • 1 big sweet potato or 6 small potatoes
  • 2 medium carrots
  • 1 cup frozen mix of cubed bell peppers sweet potatoes and beetroots
  • 2 tbsp olive oil


  • 2 handful spinach leaves
  • Half cup cooked quinoa
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 tsp seeds I used hemp seeds

Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette

  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • Half a lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 2 tbsp honey or maple syrup for a vegan version
  • salt and pepper to taste


Prep the tofu

  • Optional: 30 minutes before preparing the recipe, drain and press the tofu for 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Cut the tofu into cubes of 1 to 2 cm and place it on a tray, leaving space for the vegetables.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of salt and rosemary to the tofu, as well as half a teaspoon of cumin, garlic and onion powder and chili flakes.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of paprika and drizzle 1 tablespoon of olive oil, as well as half a teaspoon of liquid smoke (which is optional but gives the tofu a delicious smoky flavor).
  • Mix everything with a spatula.
  • Preheat the oven to 200ºC.

Prep the veggies

  • Wash and cut 1 large sweet potato into strips or 6 small potatoes in slices, leaving the peel and add them to the tray.
  • Wash and cut 2 medium carrots into strips and add them to the tray as well.
  • Add a cup of Iberian vegetable mix to the tray.
  • Season the vegetables with half a teaspoon of salt, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, some balsamic vinegar, ground pepper, plenty of powdered pepper, garlic and powdered onion and rosemary.
  • Mix each vegetable and its seasoning with a spatula.
  • Place the pan in the oven and bake for 35 to 45 minutes, turning the tofu and vegetables once halfway through.

Prep the sauce

  • Combine in a jar all the dressing ingredients and mix with a spoon or by shaking the jar.
  • The remaining sauce can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

Prep the bowls

  • Add a handful of raw spinach leaves to two bowls, as well as 4 tablespoons of cooked quinoa.
  • Divide the tofu and vegetables by the two bowls and add half a sliced ​​avocado to each, as well as half a teaspoon of seeds to each.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of the sauce to each bowl and adjust the amount if necessary.
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Keyword: Comfort food, Dairy-free, Easy, Egg-free, Gluten-free, Healthy, Lactose-free, Plant-based, Spring, Vegan, Vegetarian, Winter

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Roasted Crispy Tofu and Veggies Bowl - Nourish Bowl de Tofu Crocante e Vegetais Assados Vegan e Saudável

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